Personnel Agency

Process personnel affairs entrusted by the employer.

1) Provide social security and provident fund account opening services for various types and registered entities in Zizhu High-Tech Industrial Development Park.

2) Handle recruitment and dismissal of staff.

3) Commission, payment and deduction of social insurance and provident fund.

4) Statistics and declaration of annual average salary.

5) Provide the contracting employers with the latest HR and labor security policies, and relevant labor law consulting service.

6) Assist the contracting employers with all kinds of HR related affairs, such as the declaration of work-related injury, confirmation of female workers' benefits, and termination of the labor contract.

7) Declaration and payment of social insurance and provident fund in other provinces and cities.

8) Apply for comprehensive working hours and flexible working hours for the contracting employers.

Compensation Management

Provide a full range of compensation and welfare management plans for the contracting employers.

1) Formulate basic salary system, welfare plan and relevant process for the employers.

2) Provide data of daily attendance, salary and benefits to the employers.

3) Declare the individual income tax on behalf of the employers every month in accordance with the comprehensive individual income tax collection rules.

4) Provide consultations on various policies and regulations of salary and welfare and individual income tax.

Employee Dispatching

Sign the labor contract with the employee according to relevant provisions of labor dispatch, and dispatch employees to the employer, entrusted by the contracting employers.

1) Assist in managing the labor relations of the dispatched employees, sign and renew the labor contract and the dispatch agreement with the dispatched employees.

2) Process personnel affairs such as recruitment and retirement, social insurance and provident fund payment, and salary payment for dispatched employees.

3) Terminate the labor contract of the dispatched employee in accordance with the request of the employer or specific situation.

4) Handle personnel disputes and labor disputes of dispatched employees.