Zizhu R&D Base Phase II has about 1.67 million square meters with a planned construction area of 1.22 million square meters. Based on the new situation, the usage of Zizhu Phase II R&D Base land is adjusting from focusing on scientific research design to industrial research and development, cultural and cultural, commercial office and rental housing and other land usage.

Zizhu R&D Base Phase II dedicates to “Leading Science and Technology Innovation and Integrating City and Industry Development” by means of building a platform, promoting innovative methods, and developing enterprise clusters. Zizhu R&D Base Phase II contributes to developing a great number of innovative high-tech products and new business models, speeding up industrial upgrade, development and urbanization of Zizhu High-Tech Park. Zizhu R&D Base Phase II is committed to motivating the technological development in the south part of Shanghai, building Zizhu High-Tech Park and Minhang District as a state-level demonstration park of industry-city integration with successful transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Botanical Garden
Ice and Snow Sports Hall
Sculpture Park
Ochid lake hotel

A Leader in Scientific and Technological Innovation

Zizhu Phase II R&D Base will focus on leading enterprises in advanced manufacturing and assisting these enterprises with tackling the key development problems and to promote innovation and transformation of related technologies.

A Model of Industry and City Integration

In order to improve the urban functions of Zizhu High-Tech Park, Zizhu Phase II R&D Base will continuously improve physical and living environment in Zizhu High-Tech Park and balance the industry-city development under the guidance of government policies. Zizhu R&D Base Phase II aims to be a real model of industry and city integration.

An Aggregator of Innovative Elements

Zizhu R&D Base Phase II aims to achieve high concentration of various entrepreneurial elements including high-tech talents, enterprises, technology, capital, policy and others through establishing projects, expanding markets, gathering capital, recruiting high-end talents and others.