Shanghai Zizhu Creative Hub Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Zizhu High-Tech Industrial Development Park group, is responsible for the operation of the "China (Shanghai) Internet Audio-visual Industry Base". It is a cooperation project between National Radio and Television Administration and Shanghai. China (Shanghai) Internet Audiovisual Industry Base was established in February 2010 as the country's first national internet audio-visual industry base. It covers an area of 220 mu with a construction area of 450,000 square meters. China (Shanghai) Internet Audiovisual Industry Base aims to create an accumulative effect of cultural creative industry chain, covering content production, technology research and development, product creativity, elementary telecom services, etc.. China (Shanghai) Internet Audiovisual Industry Base strives to become a billion-level park and first-class internet audio and video industry cluster of global standard in 5 to 10 years.

Since its foundation, Zizhu Creative Hub has been promoting the construction of National Internet Audio-Visual Base in a multi-dimensional way. At present, Zizhu Digital Hub has attracted more than 1,000 enterprises, over 70% of which are engaged in internet video, video animation, online gaming, technology research and development, information services and others. In order to nurture and support the enterprise development and to promote the industry chain and vertical integration, Zizhu Digital Hub has set up a series of shared-service platforms, including: cloud computing center, HD editing and sound synthesis system, program trading center, film and television property service platform, the cluster rendering platform, talents training center, international exchanges and cooperation platform--"China Internet Forum" Audio-Visual Industry platform, culture, radio, film and television administrative affairs platform.

Zizhu Creative Hub will continuously devote itself to the development of Internet audio-visual industry of Shanghai, to provide services for innovation and policy experimentation, and to contribute to the development of the Internet information, film audio-visual industry and other industries, while utilizing comprehensive advantages of Zizhu High-Tech Park in industry, science and technology, education, talents and other aspects.