The Party committee, trade union and youth league committee of Zizhu High-Tech Park centering on "Promote Development, Serve Public, Improve Solidarity, Promote Harmony ", takes the initiative to serve the enterprises, service party members and the personnel in Zizhu High-Tech Park. It aims to assist with the economic, cultural and service development within Zizhu High-Tech Park.


Zizhu Youth League Committee was established in September 2010 and is equipped with a full-time director and one full-time secretary and three part-time staff from the enterprise. The members of Zizhu Youth League Committee include the Youth League Committee director of Yamaha-motor engine company (a foreign capital invested company), PNC Systems (a domestic capital invested company), and PNC system company (a listed company). At present, there are 31 directly affiliated league organizations and 6 regional league units under Zizhu Youth League Committee.

Work Ethic

Zizhu Youth League Committee adheres to the innovative idea of league team-building and focuses on the demands of the enterprise and talents, and to serve, unite and cultivate the youth in the area.


(1) Zizhu Youth Volunteer Alliance (ZYVA): Zizhu Youth Volunteer Alliance (ZYVA) was formally established in March 2011, and won the support of international companies including Intel, Microsoft and Coca-Cola. Up to now, there are more than 50 enterprises in Zizhu Youth Volunteer Alliance (ZYVA). Zizhu Youth Volunteer Alliance (ZYVA) has gone through various stages, starting from version 0.0 (build volunteers union); version 1.0 (organize projects related with education, environmental protection); version 2.0 (organize sustainable "Little Orange Lamp" reading-relevant project); version 3.0 (design NGO projects that benefit the public and companies). Zizhu Youth Volunteer Alliance (ZYVA) has created great impacts on the creativity, critical thinking and social responsibility of the youth talents, and has helped the enterprise to fulfill its social responsibility and establish a positive corporate image.

(2) Zizhu Speech Club: Zizhu Speech Club named as Star of Zizhu was registered and established in July 2017 and is located in Happiness No. 5 Youth Center and has recruited about 100 members. Zizhu Star Speech Club is chaired by the secretary of the Youth League Committee. 8 volunteers assume the role of vice president of education, vice president of members, vice president of public relations, secretary, and reception officer and assist with the daily operation. Zizhu Star Speech Club has helped the young people improve their competitiveness, Chinese and English speech skills, and leadership. Zizhu Star Speech Club organizes Chinese and English bilingual session every Thursday, and has cultivated many speech talents who have won a number of awards nationwide. Zizhu Star Speech Club has effectively improved the leadership and speaking skills of the participants.

(3)Zizhu Dream Class: in 2014, Zizhu Youth League Committee established the Zizhu Dream Class, a small-scale youth growth class during lunch hour. It is mainly dedicated to the needs of white-collar youth and staff, organizing lectures such as "Improving Working Skills", "Life Art" and “Parenting” etc.

Honors and Awards

Zizhu Youth League Committee is awarded:

  • 2018 National May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee
  • 2014 "Shanghai May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee"
  • 2011 "Shanghai May 4th Excellent Youth League Committee"
  • 2011 Advanced Organization of "League Organization of Shanghai Non-Public Enterprise League Team-building" for Pioneering, Competitive and Excellent Work
  • In November 2019, the work deeds of Zizhu Youth League Committee was featured and reported on the official microblog of the Communist Youth League Central Committee; the front page of Zhongqing Daily; the official microblog of the Communist Youth League News Broadcast; the official microblog of the Shanghai Municipal Committee; and the official microblog of Minhang Today.

League Secretary of Zizhu Youth League Committee was awarded:

  • 2019-2021 Trainer of Youth League Committee
  • The only candidate recommended by the Communist Youth League for the 2017 China Dream · Shanghai Beauty" organized by the Publicity Department of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee
  • 2016 "National Excellent Communist Youth League Cadre"
  • 2012-2013 "Excellent Organizer of Voluntary Services in Shanghai"
  • 2011 Shanghai May 4th Youth Medal (Individual)