Service Organizations

Talent Services

In December 2008, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee forwarded the Opinions of the Central Talent Coordination Group on the Implementation of the Overseas High-Level Talent Introduction Plan, in which it is recommended to build consensus, to fully mobilize the initiative of local authorities and departments, to establish efficient working mechanisms, and to organize and implement high-level talent recruitment programs at the central, national and local levels.
Zizhu Talent Service Center of Minhang District of Shanghai was approved and established by Minhang District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. It serves as an important HR service agency in Zizhu High-Tech Park, offering services including Shanghai residence permit, talents introduction, children school enrollment, degree verification and others. It aims to solve the requests and needs of the talents and enterprises in Zizhu High-Tech Park.

Process personnel affairs entrusted by the employer.

Provide a full range of compensation and welfare management plans for the contracting employers.

Zizhu HR Club of Zizhu High-Tech Park aims to improve the professional expertise of HR staff in Zizhu High-Tech Park and provide social-networking opportunities. Zizhu HR Club invites well-known experts in HR industry in various thematic seminars. With several years of development, Zizhu HR Club has become a "Highlight Project" for HR staff.
Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual Property Rights

Zizhu High-Tech Park aims to optimize the working environment for IP protection. In accordance with IP relevant demands of the enterprise, Zizhu High-Tech Park provides tailored services including consulting service, patents service, patent system construction service, operation and maintenance service.

Zizhu High-Tech Park works with the School of Intellectual Property of Shanghai University to carry out the intellectual property trusteeship, acting as housekeeper for the small, medium and micro enterprises. Meanwhile, Zizhu High-Tech Park works closely with financial institutions to promote intellectual property pledge financing. Zizhu High-Tech Park establishes a strategic cooperative relationship with Shanghai intellectual Property Exchange Center to facilitate enterprises to trade intellectual property assets.

High-Tech Enterprises Qualification

In order to provide more targeted services and improve the competitiveness of the enterprises, Zizhu High-Tech Park, ever since established in 2017, has been collecting and analyzing data of Zizhu High-Tech enterprises. Based on the collected enterprise information, Zizhu High-Tech Park selects enterprises with intellectual property rights and high growth potential, and assists them with customized tutoring service, aiming to provide necessary support for the fast growth of these enterprises to apply for high-tech qualifications, and obtain the approval of municipal government, district government and related department.

Fin-Tech Innovation Service Information Platform
Financial Services

In May 2018, the Fin-Tech Innovation Service Information Platform of Zizhu High-Tech Park was completed and officially launched. Fin-Tech Innovation Service Information Platform has a multi-level and all-round system of sci-tech and financial services, including a platform for providing loans to small and medium-sized sci-tech enterprises; an intellectual property investment and financing platform; and an equity and venture capital fund platform.


Shared Platforms
Shared-services Platform

Through EDA Platform, Software Testing Center, Virtual Studio, HD Post-Production Platform, Internet Audio-Visual Program Copyright and Cluster Rendering Service Platform, Zizhu High-Tech Park aims to provide professional services for science and technology enterprises. Zizhu High-Tech Park has set up resource sharing system like Enterprise Test Equipment Sharing Service.

Supporting Amenities

Enterprise Services

Property Management

Shanghai Zitai Property Management Co., LTD. is a state-level first-class property management enterprise and one of China's top 100 property management enterprises. It provides 24-hour, all-round, multi-level and professional platinum service to customers. Shanghai Zitai Property Management Co., LTD. provides services including equipment and facilities maintenance, energy transmission, safety management, green cleaning, conference services, premium housekeeper, door-to-door delivery services.

Address: 5th Floor, Building 2, No. 2272 Hongqiao Road, Changning District

TEL: 021-51212211

Urban Management

With the purpose of ensuring a safe, clean and orderly environment of Zizhu High-Tech Park, Shanghai Zitai Property Management Co., LTD performs the following four functions and responsibilities: Enterprise Service, Ensuring Security, Municipal Management and Environmental Cleaning. Shanghai Zitai Property Management Co., LTD aims to provide all-round, multi-functional and high-quality supporting services for the enterprises in Zizhu High-Tech Parks.

Address: 468 Jianchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
TEL: 021-64526488

Police Protection

Zizhu Tangwan Police Station, Minhang Branch of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau is set up in Zizhu High-tech Park to maintain the regional order and security. Zizhu Tangwan Police Station works closely with the town grid center, and addresses the issues of city appearance, order, and violation of regulations.

Address: 468 Jianchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
TEL(Police Office): 021-24063376
TEL (Grid Center): 021-34305569