Shanghai Zizhu High-Tech Park Science and Technology Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Zizhu Science and Technology Association ") is a public organization of Zizhu High-Tech Park; is a bridge between the Communist Party, the government and the scientific and technical staff; is the main social force to promote the development of science and technology. Zizhu Science and Technology Association was established in September 2011 in accordance with the Reply of Minhang District Association for Science and Technology on Agreeing to Establish Shanghai Zizhu High-Tech Park Science and Technology Association.

The purpose of Zizhu Science and Technology Association is: adhere to the instruction of Marxism-Leninism, MAO Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and "Three Represents" the Important Thoughts; insist on the basic line of CPC; adhere to the construction of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics; adhere to the economic construction as the center; adhere to the thought of Science And Technology is the First Productive Force; unite and motivate scientific and technical workers to keep pace with the development of society; speed up the development of innovative high-tech park and sound high-tech park; implement the Strategy of Vitalizing District by Science And Education and the Strategy of Sustainable Development centering on the goal of Building a Well-Off Society in an All-Round Way; accelerate the progress of science and technology; promote the prosperity and development of science and technology; promote the popularization and promotion of science and technology; promote the growth and improvement of scientific and technological personnel; promote the combination of science and technology with economy; serve the development of socialist material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization; serve scientific and technical worker, reflect the opinions of scientific and technical workers; safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

Major Functions of Zizhu Science and Technology Association

1. Carry out academic exchanges; promote the development and connection of various disciplines; promote the integration of natural sciences, technological sciences and social sciences.

2; Promote elementary knowledge of science and technology; advocate the scientific method and scientific thought and scientific spirit; popularize advanced technology; carry out regular science popularization activities and youth science and technology education activities; support relevant social organizations, enterprises and institutions to carry out science popularization activities; assist the government in science promotion plans; assist government work in related decision-making; enhance scientific and cultural input of the public.

3. Reflect opinions and requirements of science and technology staff; safeguard legitimate rights and interests of science and technology staff; encourage science and technology staff to participate in the political consultation, scientific decision-making, democratic supervision of science and technology policies, and major affairs of Zizhu High-Tech Park; commend and reward outstanding scientific and technical staff and talents.

4. Carry out scientific advisory services; put forward policy advice; promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

5. Carry out international non-governmental science and technology exchange activities.

6. Organize various lectures and trainings to help science staff update their knowledge and promote their growth.