Shanghai Minhang Zizhu High-Tech Industrial Development Park Chamber of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as "Zizhu Chamber of Commerce--ZCC") is an association composed of various enterprises and institutions within Zizhu High-Tech Park.

Zizhu Chamber of Commerce was originated from the former Foreign Affairs Department of Zizhu High-Tech Park. In October 2006, Zizhu High-Tech Park, aiming to improve enterprise services, decided to replace the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Zizhu Chamber of Commerce so as to create an environment of "Prioritize Business, Favor Business, Pro-Business, Enhance Business, Support Business", to build a platinum industry service system, and to provide "Five-Star Service" to the enterprises. In order to achieve standardized operation, Zizhu Chamber of Commerce was approved and registered in Minhang District Civil Affairs Bureau of Shanghai in March 2010, becoming an independent legal entity of the association and accepting the supervision and guidance of the association registration and management authority.

The purpose of Zizhu Chamber of Commerce is to promote exchanges and cooperation among member enterprises in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members according to law, to reflect the demands of members, to coordinate and solve the difficulties of member enterprises, and to provide a premium operating environment for member enterprises.

Since its establishment, Zizhu Chamber of Commerce has adhered to the working philosophy of "Innovation, Coordination, Communication, Connection, Integration, Bridge and Bond", and has assumed the functions of solving problems and providing services for enterprises in Zizhu High-Tech Park. Over the years, Zizhu Chamber of Commerce has effectively guaranteed the sound and rapid development of enterprises in the Park.

To promote the connection and harmony in Zizhu High-Tech Park, Zizhu Chamber of Commerce has carried out a series of activities such as social-networking, sports events and cultural events, which have strengthened the bonding and communication among various enterprises within Zizhu.

Major Functions of Zizhu Chamber of Commerce

1. Zizhu Chamber of Commerce serves as a bridge for enterprises to communicate with relevant government departments;

2. Host regular social-networking activities for senior executives of member enterprises; organize "A Tour to Enterprise" series of activities to strengthen communication, understanding and cooperation between enterprises; hold annual meetings of member enterprises and collect advice for the development of Zizhu High-Tech Park;

3. Collect and reflect feedback and appeals of member enterprises; coordinate and solve difficulties faced by member enterprises;

4. Keep frequent contact with the enterprise; collect the latest update of enterprise development; provide references for the decision making of Zizhu High-Tech Park;

5. Maintain communication and liaison with related organizations such as IASP, Shanghai International Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai Development Park Association, Minhang District Federation of Industry and Commerce and other relevant organizations at home and abroad; assist member enterprises with seeking business opportunities for development;

6. Organize member enterprises to participate in domestic and international exhibitions, seminars, social gatherings, training meetings, exchange meetings, etc.; provide business information, legal advice and commercial services for member enterprises;

7. Encourage member enterprises to participate in scientific research cooperation, fundraising, general education among the surrounding universities, middle and primary schools; promote interaction among Zizhu High-Tech Park, along with neighboring community and schools;

8. Establish various social-networking events and associations for mid-level and senior executives of member enterprises and carry out related activities regularly;

9. Organize various cultural and sports activities such as Long-Distance Running Competition, Youth Match-making Event,, Photography Competition, Zizhu Talent Show; various sports competitions; issue Zizhu Chamber of Commerce Bimonthly magazine;

10. Edit and publish the Manual for Enterprise Test (Instrument) Equipment Sharing in Zizhu High-Tech Park, the Manual for Enterprise Laboratory Sharing in Zizhu High-Tech Park, and the Manual for the Use of Hazardous Chemicals in Zizhu High-Tech Park, etc.; provide value-added services and safe production guidance for member enterprises;

11. Introduce the investment environment and policies of Zizhu High-Tech Park, and carry out investment promotion.