Industry Support

The university campuses provide sufficient support in terms of talents, intelligence, teachers, research and development, etc. for the industrial development of the Hi-tech Park. Taking Shanghai Jiao Tong University and East China Normal University as the core, it has introduced a number of scientific research institutions and branches of prestigious domestic and international universities.

Industry Cluster

Zizhu has formed the industrial structure supported by Information software, digital audio-visual, life sciences, intelligent manufacturing, aviation electronics, and new energy & new materials, to attract the regional headquarters, research and development institutions, and high-end manufacturing of well-known domestic and foreign companies to settle in, thus to become a gathering place of global high-end research, development and technology.

Industry Bases


There are various supporting services and facilities such as residential property, education and training, medical service, health and elderly care, recreation and tourism, commercial institutions etc. in Zizhu, which shall promote the integration between industry and community, and build “a city perfect for your whole life”.

Zizhu Purple-Bay

Zizhu Purple Bay, with the floor area of 1.3 million square meters (including underground area), was built around the lake and along the river, including diversified residential properties such as high-rise apartment, luxury multi-story apartment, lakeside high-rise apartment, townhouse or villa, five-star hotel, faculty apartment, senior apartment etc., and with the planning and construction of private  school and community hospital, it shall become a diversified large-scale international ecological community integrating humanity, ecology and technology resources.


Zizhu Elementary Education Park

There are the Second Affiliated Middle School, and Affiliated Junior High School of East China Normal University, Affiliated Zizhu Primary School, and Zizhu Kindergarten of East China Normal University, and Private Affiliated Zizhu Bilingual School of East China Normal School in Zizhu Elementary Education Park.


Zizhu Healthcare Industry Hub & Technological and Financial Hub

Provide high-end medical, technological and financial service for the High-Tech Park and its surrounding areas.

Orchid Lake

Covering a building area of near 400,000 sqm, the Orchid Lake will be comprised of Xingyue Walk, Culture and Arts Corridor, Rowing Club, Hotel, Energy Park, Art Terrain Park, Nature Experience Center, Botanic Garden and Sculpture Park.