Accelerate the development of new energy and new materials industry, to promote the harmonious coexistence between economic and social development and nature through scientific and technological innovation, and improve social progress and scientific and technological development. Zizhu High-Tech Park has introduced the National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology and Application, Exxon Mobil, Toray, CGN, CNNC, Solar Energy Engineering Research and Development Center, Shanghai Electric Wind Power, Shanghai Clean Energy Research and Industry Promotion Center, Trina Solar Energy, Endress+Hauser and other enterprises.

ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Research & Development Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Solar Energy Research Center
China Nuclear Power Science & Technology Co.,LTD (Shanghai)
State Nuclear Power Automation System Engineering Company

Trina Solar (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Electric Windpower Group Co., Ltd.
Toray Advanced Materials Research Laboratories (China) Co., Ltd.
National Engineering Research Center for Nano Technology

Endress+Hauser (China) Automation Co., Ltd.