Zizhu High-Tech Park is located in the southeast of Minhang District, Shanghai, with convenient transportation. It covers a planning area of 13 square kilometers, and consists of University Campuses, R&D Base and Zizhu supporting area. Zizhu High-Tech Park was initiated in June 2002 and was granted with a higher rank as the "National High-Tech Industrial Development Park" in June 2011.

Zizhu High-Tech Park aims to build itself as a leading National High-Tech Industrial Development Park in China. By now, Zizhu has formed a unique development path, through system and mechanism innovation and industrial concentration of "High Performance and New Technology Enterprises", contributing robustly to the regional economy.

Zizhu High-Tech Park has been granted with a variety of significant qualifications along with its development, including "Overseas High-Level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base" issued by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China;  "National Innovation Base for Invigorating Trade in Science and Technology (Biomedicine)" awarded by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China; "Shanghai National Biological Industry Base" by the National Development and Reform Commission; "China (Shanghai) Internet Audio-Visual Industry Base" by National Radio and Television Administration; "National Intellectual Property Rights Demonstration Park" granted by the State Intellectual Property office.

Advanced Mechanism and Efficient Management Guarantees Positive Growth

Zizhu High-Tech Park is jointly built by the government, private enterprises and universities. The new organizational structure guarantees operating efficiency and maximum utilization of social and economic resources. Economic indicators and operating data of Zizhu High-Tech Park have maintained double-digit growth rate for many years, ranking the 9th among all national high-tech parks. It is the only national high-tech park in China operated by the private entity as the main operating body, which also serves an exemplary park for Shanghai to build itself as a science and innovation center.

An Industrial Ecology Featuring High-End Enterprises

Zizhu High-Tech Park emphasizes on the following six industries: information software, digital audio-visual, life science, intelligent manufacturing, avionics, new energy and new materials, aiming to attract regional headquarters, R&D centers, venture capital companies and high-tech manufacturing enterprises.

Zizhu High-Tech Park, by now, has been home to a number of globally influential enterprises and R&D institutions such as Microsoft, Intel, Coca-Cola, Infosys, Comac, CGN and Neusoft. It has nurtured many small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises such as PNC, Shenlian Biotech and Genetech. It has also cultivated and incubated a batch of influential entrepreneurial and innovative enterprises such as Coo Tek, Friendess Electronics, ZStack, Firstbrave, Eques. Meanwhile, the China (Shanghai) Internet Audio-visual Industry Base of Zizhu High-Tech Park serves as the base for leading enterprises in the internet audiovisual segment and has attracted China Internet Drama Micro Film Creative Entrepreneurship Center, the First National Home Game Industry Incubator Base, along with Alibaba Entertainment Group, Sina Sports, SMG New Media, TCL-IMAX and others.

Focusing on Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Building a Technological Innovation Ecosystem

The innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem in Zizhu consists of Zizhu entrepreneurship center, Zizhu business incubator, Zizhu Seedlings Equity Investment Fund, aiming to build a "National Science and Technology Business Incubator" with a size of 12,000 square meters. It has set up a "Zizhu Seedlings Fund" of RMB 1 billion, emphasizing on the Angel Investment and Series-A funding. So far, Zizhu High-Tech Park, through its efficient organizational management, has incubated more than 600 small-sized technological enterprises, promoting the construction of "Zizhu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Corridor". At present, Zizhu High-Tech Park has submitted 47,860 patents applications, and was granted with27,407 patents.

Three Areas Interaction Promotes Multi-Win

Zizhu High-Tech Park promotes collaborations among universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises by establishing a resource-sharing mechanism named "Three Areas Interaction". This innovative mechanism has contributed to the "industry, university and research institute cooperation", fulfilling respective strength, benefit sharing, risks sharing and common development.

Zizhu High-Tech Park is home to prestigious institutions of higher education including Shanghai Jiao Tong University and East China Normal University, and to hundreds of academicians, thousands of professors, nearly 150,000 science and technology practitioners and students. Meanwhile, Zizhu High-Tech Park is actively building Zizhu International Education Park, and has been home to USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry, Asia Europe Business School (AEBS) established by East China Normal University and Emlyon Business School of France, and The shanghai-Haifa Data Coordinating Center (DCC), a joint venture between East China Normal University and the University of Haifa in Israel.

Complete Amenities to Build a Town of High-Tech, a City of Life

Zizhu High-Tech Park features comprehensive supporting services and facilities including residential property, education and training, medical service, health care, leisure tourism, business institutions. For example, Zizhu High-Tech Park has built Zizhu Purple Bay Residential Area, Zizhu Elementary Education Park, Orchid Lake Hotel, Healthcare Hub, Fin-tech Hub, etc., aiming to promote the integration between industry and city, and to establish "a city of life".

Provide Platinum Industry Services; Integrate Industry and City Development

Zizhu High-Tech Park boasts comprehensive industrial service systems ranging from HR services, intellectual property, shared-platform service, laboratory sharing, financial services, urban management and property management, aiming to serve diversified demands of enterprises.

In the future, Zizhu National High-Tech Industrial Development Park will strive to become a leading high-tech park operator, platinum industry service provider and technology industry leader, to accelerate enterprise development and industrial progress and to contribute to the integration between the industry and city.