Zizhu High-Tech Park

The inauguration ceremony of Zizhu High-Tech Park was held on June 25, 2002 and was listed as Shanghai High-Tech Industrial Development Park in 2003. It was granted as a Provincial Development Park after obtaining verifications from the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Land and Resources in 2006 and was then granted as the National High-Tech Industrial Development Park by the State Council.

  • Zizhu National High-Tech Industrial Development Park adhering to the development philosophy of "Ecology, Humanity and Technology", covers an area of 13 square kilometers. It consists of University Campuses, R&D Base and Zizhu supporting community.
  • It is the only National High-Tech Industrial Development Park operated by mixed ownership enterprises with private group as the main operating entity. It is listed the 9th in the national high-tech park rankings.
  • It serves as an exemplary park of Shanghai to build a globally influential science and technology innovation center.
Geographic Location
Geographic Location

Zizhu National High-Tech Park is located in the southeast of Minhang District of Shanghai. It boasts scenic views and superior geographic advantage along the Huang Pu River.

Zizhu has a direct station of  metro Line 15 and Line 23; it is adjacent to Dongchuan Road Station of metro Line 5 and Shendu Road Station of Line 8. There are multiple shuttle buses connecting these stations to Zizhu. Zizhu Hi-tech Park is adjacent to S4 and S32 expressways, with 10 minutes away to the Mid-ring of Shanghai through Hongmei South Expressway. There are dozens of convenient bus routes connecting Zizhu with Xujiahui, Shanghai South Railway Station, Hongqiao Airport and Shanghai Railway Station.

Management Committee
Management Committee
In 2003, the Management Committee of Shanghai Zizhu High-Tech Development Park was established. The Management Committee of Zizhu High-Tech Development Park, on behalf of the district government takes the responsibility of the major problems, projects and special funds, and drafts up the development strategy, annual work plan and fund budget for Zizhu High-Tech Development Park.

Organization Structure

As the main operating entity for the development and construction of Shanghai Zizhu National High-Tech Industrial Development Park, Shanghai Zizhu High-Tech (Group) Co., Ltd. has demonstrated its efficient execution from decision making to implementation, from planning to construction, and achieved high-speed growth. The company gives full play to its advantages in resources and organizational management, and strives to make breakthroughs in equity incentive, talent gathering, fiscal and tax support, financial services, management innovation and other aspects.

Shanghai Zizhu High-Tech (Group) Co., Ltd. establishes a total of 14 subsidiaries, which forms an organic "platinum industry service system", providing comprehensive services ranging from enterprise registration, office rental, engineering construction, human resources, start-ups incubation, industry development, project investment, culture, education, catering hotel, tourism, real estate, security and so on.

Shanghai Purple Bay Real Estate Co., Ltd
Shanghai Zizhu Venture Capital Co., Ltd
Shanghai Zizhu Hi-Tech Digital Hub Co.,LTD.
Shanghai Zizhu City Management Co. LTD
Shanghai Zizhu Hi-Tech Digital Creativity Hub Co.,LTD.
Shanghai Zizhu Town Development Co., LTD
Shanghai Zizhu Hotel Co., LTD
Shanghai Zizhu Human Resources Service Co., LTD
Shanghai Zizhu International Education Park Co. LTD
Shanghai Zizhu Health Industry Port Co., LTD
Shanghai Zizhu Seedlings Equity Investment Fund Co. LTD
Shanghai Zizhu ET Space
Shanghai Zizhu Education Investment Co. LTD
Shanghai Zizhu High-Tech Culture and Sports Industry Holding Co. LTD