Zizhu ET Space
Zizhu Incubator

Zizhu ET Space aims to build a state-level business incubator utilizing the resources of prestigious universities in Zizhu High-Tech Park, Fortune Global 500 companies, large state-owned enterprises and other industrial clusters, business incubator and the advantages of "artificial intelligence, avionics, science, technology and cultural innovation".

Entrepreneurship Center
Entrepreneurship Center

Founded in 2006, Shanghai Zizhu Venture Capital Co., Ltd. is responsible for overall operation of the Entrepreneurship Center  of Zizhu High-Tech Park. It is aimed at incubating and cultivating scientific and technological start-ups, introduced international advanced technology.

Seedlings Fund
Venture Capital

Established in July 2015, Shanghai Zizhu Xiaomiao Seedlings Investment Fund Co. LTD (hereinafter referred to as "Seedlings Fund") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Zizhu High-Tech Park (group) Co. LTD. Adhering to the concept of "Base + Industry + Investment", Seedlings Fund aims to nurture and support the construction of science and innovation center in Shanghai.

Application Process

  • Incubation Process
  • Registration Process
  • Office Leasing
  • Land Purchase
(1) Zizhu Incubator
Business plan, screening, telephone pre-review, road show, experts grading, project incubation.
(2) Zizhu High-tech Park Entrepreneurship Center
Project application, Zizhu Entrepreneurship Center Review, project business plan submission, expert review, and project incubation.
(3) Seedlings Fund
Obtain license, open bank account, start operation.
(1) Preparations
The enterprise can communicate with Zizhu project manager about the details of the new company and prepare necessary written materials.
(2) Application for a License
Zizhu is responsible for online application and submission of materials after collecting all materials for the proposed enterprise.
(3) Company Set-up
Obtain license, open bank account, and start operation.
(1) Options Provision
According to the needs of the enterprises, the project manager of Zizhu provides the leasing plan. The project manager of Zizhu provides available lease options in accordance with the enterprise need.
(2) On-Site Introduction
The project manager accompanies the enterprise to visit the site and exchange views.
(3) Contract Signing
Once the lease unit is confirmed, both parties sign a lease contract.
(4) Furnishing and Entry
After signing the contract, the enterprise proceeds to furnish the place and prepare for entry.
(1) Project Negotiation
The enterprise and Zizhu project manager meet for project negotiation and confirm the land plot.
(2) Enterprise Evaluation
The District Economic Committee takes the lead of "Third Committees + One Bureau" to evaluate the enterprise qualification.
(3) Application for Assignment
Zizhu High-tech Park (on behalf of the District Land Reserve Center) submits the application to the District Planning and Resource Bureau for land transfer.
(4) Land Verification
The District Planning and Resource Bureau shall organize all functional departments to verify the planning, land and input-output quota of the proposed transferred land plot.
(5) Government Examination and Approval
The District Planning and Resource Bureau shall draft the land transfer plan and submit it to the district government for review and approval and then submit it to the municipal land market bureau.
(6) Issue of Public Notice
After the verification of the municipal land market bureau, the municipal government shall issue the notice of land transfer (including the pre-contract of transfer) and accept the application for transfer from the intended assignee.
(7) Land Transactions
After the end of the listed transaction, related parties shall sign the transaction confirmation and the land transfer contract and pay the land transfer fee for land delivery confirmation to complete the delivery of land.