Zizhu Talent Service Center of Minhang District of Shanghai was approved and established by Minhang District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. It serves as an important HR service agency in Zizhu High-Tech Park, offering services including Shanghai residence permit, talents introduction, children school enrollment, degree verification and others. It aims to solve the requests and needs of the talents and enterprises in Zizhu High-Tech Park.

Major Functions

Talent Introduction

Process procedures of staff transfer, household registration transfer and paperwork with Shanghai residence permit for staff from other provinces and regions.

Transfer to Shanghai

Address the issues of staff transfer to Shanghai including spouse living in other cities; the elder living without children; the children living in other provinces.

Degree Verification

Provide degree verification of technical secondary school or higher education degree for the enterprises and individuals.

Policy Reference

  1. Detailed rules for the implementation of the Temporary Provisions on Residence Permit of Shanghai Municipality
  2. Opinions for trial implementation on Strengthening the Management of Personnel Files of Trans-Regional Floating Personnel
  3. Notice on the application for Shanghai Residence Permit
  4. Trial measures for domestic talents to apply for Shanghai Residence Permit
  5. Temporary provisions of Shanghai Residence Permit
  6. Notice of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government on Strengthening the Administration of Residence Permits in Shanghai
  7. Temporary provisions of Shanghai Residence Permit on the introduction of talents