The Party committee, trade union and youth league committee of Zizhu High-Tech Park centering on "Promote Development, Serve Public, Improve Solidarity, Promote Harmony ", takes the initiative to serve the enterprises, service party members and the personnel in Zizhu High-Tech Park. It aims to assist with the economic, cultural and service development within Zizhu High-Tech Park.


Labor Union of Zizhu High-Tech Park was established in November 2010. It is a regional labor union federation, and the total number of employees in Zizhu High-Tech Park is about 30,000. There are 68 enterprises with 17,232 members under the Labor Union of Zizhu High-Tech Park.

Work Ethic

"Build Bridges, Build Channels and Build Platforms", Labor Union of Zizhu High-Tech Park intends to stimulate scientific and technological innovation vitality of the staff, to build harmonious labor relations, and to promote win-win between the enterprise and employees.


(1) Caring for Employees – there are employee-caring projects organized by the Labor Union on a regular basis. Every spring, Zizhu Labor Union organizes health consultation for employees; every summer, Zizhu Labor Union provides assistance with workers working under high temperature; During summer vacation, Zizhu Labor Union organizes a series of tour visits of Zizhu Enterprises for the children of staff; around the Spring Festival, Zizhu Labor Union takes time to visit underprivileged families; Every March, Zizhu Labor Union hosts women's lectures and other themed activities on the Women's Day; Throughout the year, Zizhu Labor Union organizes basketball matches, football matches, dragon boat matches, badminton matches and other sports events on a quarterly basis.

(2) Rewarding Excellent Performances of Technological Innovation - Zizhu Labor Union has secured a number of Science and Technology Innovation Awards: at the 9th International Invention Exhibition, Zizhu Labor Union has won 7 Gold Awards, 3 Silver Awards and 3 Bronze Awards; at the Shanghai Staff Innovation Achievement Event, Zizhu Labor Union has won 1 Second Prize; two staff won the Minhang District Science and Technology Project, one enterprise won the Minhang District Labor Model Innovation Award.

(3) Awarding Model Staff-- Zizhu Labor Union adheres to strengthening positive guidance and award model staff to promote the morale of staff. Over the years, Zizhu Labor Union has cultivated a number of talents, who have won numerous awards, such as Wang Dong, employee of Genetech, National May Day Model Employee , Shanghai Model Employee; Li Qiangtao, employee of CNPEC Company, "Shanghai Craftsman"; Liu Gangqiao, employee of Dongli Company, Shanghai Model Employee; Wang Shun, employee of Solar Engineering Center, "Minhang Craftsman".

(4) Organizing Various Activities-- To enrich the leisure life of employees, Zizhu Labor Union has set up Wednesday after-work Club since 2017, and has provided various courses and lectures such as Tai Chi, Painting, Tea Art, Calligraphy, Baking, Ukulele and Mobile Phone Photography etc.

Honors and Awards

In 2015, Zizhu Labor Union won the National Model Home of Employees by Chinese Federation of Labor Unions.

In 2013, Zizhu Labor Union won the title of Shanghai Model Home of Employees of Shanghai Federation of Labor Unions.

In 2014, Zizhu Labor Union was awarded "Minhang District Labor Relations AAA Harmonious Park"