TCL - IMAX Production Base Breaks Ground in Zizhu National High-Tech Park
2014-10-22 685

On the morning of October 21, 2014, the ground breaking ceremony of TCL-IMAX production base was held at Zizhu National Hi-tech Zone. Don Savant, IMAX Asia-Pacific general manager, Jim Athanasopoulos, IMAX China CFO, Chen Jiande and Yan Fei, TCL - IMAX executive board director and Xia Guan, standing vice general manager of Zizhu national Hi-tech Zone, attended the ceremony and witnessed the landmark moment.

At the ceremony, Mr. Chen and Mr. Yan respectively delivered a speech on behalf of IMAX and TCL, expressing their thanks to Zizhu for its support for the project and their future hope for joint venture. They jointly announced that China's first high-end private cinema system would be born in Zizhu at the beginning of next year. Thereafter, the opening ceremony featuring Chinese and western characteristics started. The guests shoveled cement to lay the foundation, cut the suckling pig and cake and opened champagne to celebrate the smooth ground breaking of TCL-IMAX production base. The emergence of the mysterious guest of "wealth" pushed the atmosphere to climax. The firecrackers and music embodied the guests’ good wishes for the future development of TCL – IMAX.

As an independent legal person in Zizhu, TCL - IMAX was jointly set up by TCL group with leading intelligent cloud TV and 4k high-definition display technology, and IMAX who has the world's top home theater technology. The joint venture is the only one specialized company engaged in the R&D, production and sales of high-end home theater systems.

The home theater system will be put into Chinese market in 2015 and then to other markets around the world. It is a new home theatre system designed for more home users after high-end IMAX giant screen. Through this system, home users can enjoy films in IMAX format on show in theatres and experience the tailor-made home theater content and the best maintenance services.

As a heavyweight company in China (Shanghai) Network Audio-visual Industry Base, TCL - IMAX will play a leading role in the formation of the cultural creativity industry chain and enterprise gathering in Minhang and even in Shanghai.