The Grand Ground Breaking Ceremony of Shenghua Zizhu Bilingual School and High School Held
2023-10-18 343

The ground breaking ceremony of Shenghua Zizhu Bilingual School and High School was grandly held by Lanxiang Lake in Zizhu High-Tech Park on the morning of October 18, 2023.

Li Yiping, the Vice Chairman of China Welfare Institute, the Vice Chairman of the 13th CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Deputy Secretary of the Party Group; Chen Huawen, the Deputy Party Secretary and the Governor of Minhang District; Qian Xuhong, the President of East China Normal University and the the CAE Member; Zhao Liang, the member of the Standing Committee and the Deputy Governor of Minhang District; Chen Gao, the member of the Party Group and the Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Minhang People's Congress; Cai Yihui, the member of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of Minhang Political Consultative Conference; Shen Wen, the Borad Chairman and General Manager of Zizhu High-Tech Park, as well as the leaders from relevant committees, offices, bureaus of Minhang District and the leaders from Wujing Town, Zijiang Group and Zizhu High-Tech Park attended the ceremony.

Hu Bing, the Vice President of Zijiang Group, the General Manager of Zizhu Education Investment Company and the Executive Chairman of Shenghua Zizhu Bilingual School, welcomed the leaders and guests. She expressed gratitude to the government departments at all levels as well as all sectors of society for their support and trust in Zizhu since the project was launched. She also introduced Shenghua Zizhu Bilingual School and the high school project.

Shenghua Zizhu Bilingual School and High School are located on the banks of Lanxiang Lake in the First Bay of Pujiang River with a total land area of 91000 square meters and a total construction area of 126000 square meters, of which 110000 square meters are above ground. The total investment exceeds RMB 1.8 billion.

The name "Shenghua" comes from St. John's University and East China Normal University, two schools with profound cultural heritage and historical accumulation. The predecessor of Shenghua Zizhu Bilingual School is “Zizhu Bilingual School Affiliated to NO. 2 Middle School of East China Normal University" established in 2017. It will share resources with Shenghua Zizhu High School to continuously expand international perspectives, explore educational reform and innovation, and will be built into a new private education benchmark campus in South Minhang District.

On behalf of East China Normal University, Qian Xuhong congratulates the opening ceremony, saying that the cooperation between East China Normal University, Zijiang Group and Zizhu High-Tech Park has a long history. The construction of Shenghua Zizhu Bilingual School and High School will become another important carrier for the linkage of campuses, industrial parks and communities. East China Normal University will definitely provide full support.

Governor Chen Huawen said in his speech that Zijiang Group and Zizhu High-Tech Park have always attached great importance to and supported the development of Minhang education. They have made outstanding contributions to creating a strong atmosphere of respecting teachers and valuing education, improving regional education levels and building the high-quality education highland in South Shanghai.

The construction of Shenghua Zizhu Bilingual School and High School today is a major and joyful event in Minhang education. He hopes that the new campus will uphold the first-class education concept, create a first-class curriculum system, build a first-class teaching staff and improve a first-class management system to cultivate more "harmonious and outstanding, future oriented" talents and inject more lasting, stronger, and surging momentum into the high-quality development of Minhang. CPC Minhang District Committee and Government will continue to fully support the development of the school, further promoting the linkage among Zizhu High-Tech Park, school campus and communities to create a new benchmark for economic and social development in the southern region of Minhang District.

At the subsequent groundbreaking ceremony, the leaders and guests laid the foundation for the launch of Shenghua Zizhu Bilingual School and High School, jointly witnessing this milestone moment. Accompanied by the roar of pile foundation, excavator and the colorful fireworks, the groundbreaking ceremony was successfully completed with warm applause from the whole audience.

The new campus includes Shenghua Zizhu Bilingual School and Shenghua Zizhu Senior High School. In addition to complete educational and teaching facilities, an art center with 800 seats and a modern library, two sports centers and two dormitory buildings totaling approximately 22000 square meters will be built. The school adopts the "one park, two schools" educational model to create a modern and intelligent basic education cluster covering all age groups of K12. The new campus is expected to officially be put into use in September 2025. The two campuses currently located on Zifeng Road and Tanjiatang Road will be relocated simultaneously. The new campus can accommodate nearly 3000 teachers and students.

The groundbreaking of the new campus represents that Zizhu High-Tech Park has once again fulfilled its promise to build a regional education resource highland, following two 985 universities, the Basic Education Park of East China Normal University and Zizhu International Education Park. Zizhu will complete this glorious mission with consistent diligence, wisdom and perseverance, bringing a vibrant modern campus to South Shanghai and further meeting the diverse needs of innovative and entrepreneurial talents for education. Zizhu will strive to build the important starting area of scientific and technological innovation, the source of original innovation and the main battlefield for independent innovation.