The Groundbreaking Ceremony of PNC Headquarters and PNC Riverside Innovation Center Held in Zizhu High-Tech Park
2023-11-22 524

The groundbreaking ceremony of PNC Headquarters and PNC riverside innovation center was held in the R&D base beside Zizhu Riverside Lanxiang Lake on November 20, 2023. The shareholder representatives, all the board directors, the group CEO, the group vice president, the business unit general manager and vice general manager and the senior employee representatives gathered at the project site to participate in the event.

The new project is located in Zizhu High-Tech Park, with a total investment of RMB 672 million and a total construction area of 48700.65 square meters. After completion, it will become the PNC Headquarters and PNC Riverside Innovation Center. As the central nervous system of the enterprise, The Headquarters carries important tasks such as strategic planning, resource allocation and decision-making. The integrated circuit wet method advanced process equipment and component research and development testing platform will be built in the innovation center. After completion, the innovation center will become the company's high-level process single chip wet process equipment and component research and industrialization base, achieving a path from mature processes to high-level advanced processes in design, manufacturing, and research and development. The equipment and core components will form a two-way synergy, further improving production scale and capacity. At the same time, the construction of the innovation center is conducive to attracting and cultivating high-quality talents, improving the overall talent competitiveness of the company, providing support and assistance for expanding new businesses and helping the diversified development of the company.

PNC settled in Zizhu High-Tech Park in August, 2004. It successfully landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in January 2017. The company is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for high-purity process systems for advanced manufacturing enterprises in industries such as semiconductors, flat panel displays, optical fibers, optoelectronics, photovoltaics and biopharmaceuticals. The continuous progress of integrated circuit technology requires better cleaning equipment. PNC has been focusing on the development of advanced process equipment and key core components for many years so as to reduce dependence on foreign equipment and improve production efficiency and quality, and thus enhancing the competitiveness of China's semiconductor industry. At present, the company's high-purity process business segment has the highest market share in the construction of 12-inch wafers (high-altitude industry), and the wet cleaning equipment business segment has become the top tier in the domestic integrated circuit equipment supplier list.