The Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Innovation Center of Shichen Material Technology Company Held in Zizhu High-Tech Park
2023-04-27 169

The groundbreaking ceremony of the innovation center of Shichen Materials Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shihua Technology, was held in Zizhu High-Tech Park on the morning of April 26, 2023. Jin Haimin, the Party Secretary of Wujing Town, Wang Xuezheng, the Deputy Party Secretary and the Town Mayor, Lu Weiwu, the vice general manager of Zizhu High-Tech Park, Ren Man, the director of investment promotion center, Ji Jianrong, the co-founder and vice general manager of Shihua Technology, the co-founder Lv Gang and other leaders attended the commencement ceremony and jointly laid the foundation.

Secretary Jin Haimin said in his speech that the new innovation center is not only an important symbol and measure of the new round of development of Shihua Company, but also an important milestone in the cooperative development among Wujing Town, Zizhu High-Tech Park and Shihua Technology. He sincerely wished the project to be completed and put into use as soon as possible and become a new driving force for promoting high-quality development of the company.

Shihua Technology stated that the innovation center will strengthen the company's technological innovation and transformation capabilities, providing strong technical support for product upgrades and future R&D of new technologies and products. The project will also become the core pivot of the company's global layout.

The heads of various functional departments of Wujing Town, the investment promotion center and the engineering center of Zizhu High-Tech Park, as well as the responsible persons of the construction and design companies jointly witnessed this historic moment.

Shihua Technology (SH 688093) is a national specialized "little giant" enterprise and High-Tech enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of functional materials. Its functional materials are based on functional dimensions such as adhesive properties, physical properties, chemical properties, weather resistance, optical properties, etc., forming a matrix functional material system. The products mainly include electronic composite functional materials, photoelectric display module materials and precision process applied materials. The product is widely used in industries such as consumer electronics, wearable devices, new energy, smart cars, medical electronics and new displays.

Based on the existing research and development system and innovation mechanism and relying on Shanghai's location advantage as a globally influential technology innovation center, the innovation center aims to build a world-class platform research and development system led by material scientists by introducing international high-quality talents, investing in advanced research and development equipment, optimizing the research and development experimental environment. The innovation center will explore the demand for cutting-edge technology and continuously maintain the company's scientific and technological innovation strength.

The project is located in the second phase of Zizhu R&D base, covering an area of 14172.80 square meters with a total construction area of 37967.33 square meters. A comprehensive integrated research and development innovation center that includes a composite material research and development platform, an adhesive and sealant research and development platform, a bio-based material research and development platform and an analysis and testing application platform. It will further enrich the company's cutting-edge technology reserves, enhance its core competitiveness and promote its sustainable development.