The Signing Ceremony of the New Round of "Framework Agreement on Building Shanghai Zizhu High-Tech Industrial Development Park" Held
2023-03-10 396

The signing ceremony of the Framework Agreement on the Construction of Shanghai Zizhu High-Tech Industrial Development Park (2023-2027) among the People's Government of Minhang District, the People's Government of Wujing Town and Shanghai Zizhu High-Tech Park (Group) Co., Ltd was held in the training center of Zizhu High-Tech Park. Chen Huawen, the Deputy Party Secretary and Head of Minhang District Government, Wang Xiangyang, the standing commissioner of CPC Minhang District Committee and  Deputy Head of Minhang District Government, Zhao Liang, the standing commissioner of CPC Minhang District Committee and Deputy Head of Minhang District Government, Jin Haimin, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Wujing Town, Wang Xuezheng, the Deputy Secretary and the Town Mayor, Shen Wen, the board chairman and general manager of Zizhu High-Tech Park, vice board chairman Li Yu, the executive vice general manager Xia Guang, Party Secretary and vice general manager Luo Shanying,  vice general manager Chen Heng and Lu Weiwu and other administrative managers of Zizhu High- Tech Park attended the signing ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by vice general manager Luo Shanying.

Luo Shanying introduced the relevant information about the signing of this contract. For a long time, with the strong support of Shanghai, Minhang and Wujing governments, Zizhu High-Tech Park has never forgotten its original intention and has made great progress by adhering to the high-quality development path with Zizhu characteristics. According to the overall construction goals and development plan, Zizhu faces very heavy construction tasks. In order to ensure the sustained, healthy and rapid development of Zizhu High-Tech Park towards the established goals, the three parties have formulated a new round of framework agreement, which will further strengthen the construction of the innovation ecosystem, accelerate the construction of the second phase of Zizhu R&D Base and the Lanxiang lake international ecological community and increase support for the social and livelihood development of Wujing Town region. This will form a comprehensive, wide-ranging, multi-level and normalized strategic cooperation relationship.

Subsequently, Vice Governor Wang Xiangyang, Town Mayor Wang Xuezheng and executive vice general manager Xia Guang jointly signed the "Framework Agreement on the Construction of Shanghai Zizhu High-Tech Industrial Development Park (2023-2027)" on behalf of the three parties. Governor Chen Huawen, Secretary Jin Haimin, Chairman Shen Wen and the leaders of Zizhu High-Tech Park jointly witnessed the signing ceremony.

Governor Chen Huawen said that Zizhu High-Tech Park, as a beautiful name card of Minhang District, has made remarkable development after 20 years of construction, and has developed into an open High-Tech industrial development Park with High-Tech industry agglomeration, high-quality supporting construction and high-level talent development. With high-quality urban construction planning, refined management level and international strategic vision, Zizhu High-Tech Park has become a development sample of Minhang and even Shanghai. The cooperation among the three parties has been full of passion, honesty and practicality. The signing of this round of framework agreement marks a new stage in the construction of Zizhu High-Tech Park which will have a more profound impact on the development of Minhang, Wujing and Zizhu. Minhang District will go all out to continue to support the work of Zizhu High-Tech Park, promote the high-quality development of industry-city integration and jointly write a new chapter in the development of Zizhu High-Tech Park.