The Stations of Metrol Line 15 and 23 to be Built in Zizhu High-Tech Park and Metro Line 23 Enters the Substantive Construction Stage
2022-09-19 378

East Jiangchuan Road Station of Shanghai Metro Line 23, located in Zizhu High-Tech Park, took the lead in becoming the first station to carry out the construction of the enclosure structure for the first phase of the line on the morning of September 19, 2022, which marks that the first phase of Metro Line 23 has entered the substantive construction stage.

Located to the east side of the intersection of South Hongmei Road and Dongchuan Road and close to Zizhu PurpleBay Garden Community, East Jiangchuan Road Station has two entrances and two exits on the north and south sides of Dongchuan Road. After completion, it will bring great convenience to the travel of Zizhu PurpleBay Community and its surrounding areas. It will also play an important role in promoting the planning and development around the station.

Line 23, which runs along Huangpu River through Xuhui and Minhang Districts, is a newly added urban line in the new Metro Line network. It is of great significance to strengthening Metro Line service between Minhang and the urban area and driving the development of the southwest of the western part of Shanghai. Line 23 is an underground line with a construction period of 6 years and a total length of about 28.6 kilometers. There are 22 stations with an average station distance of 1.34 kilometers, including 5 transfer stations. Metrol Line 23 connects Minhang Development Park, Zizhu High-Tech Park, Wujing Transformation Zone and the riverside area of Xuhui District. Zizhu High-Tech Park will have Metro Line 15 and 23 after the completion of Metro Line 23.