The Opening Ceremony of the New Headquarters of ST Semiconductor in China Held in Zizhu High-Tech Park
2022-09-13 78

The opening ceremony of the new headquarters of ST Semiconductor  China was held in Building 2 of Zizhu Creativity Port of Zizhu High-Tech Park on the morning of September 13, 2022. ST Semiconductor set up its first office in China in 1984 and an investment company in Zizhu High-Tech Park in June 2005. It was recognized as the headquarters in China in January 2008. The opening of the new headquarters is a new starting point. The whole ceremony is themed with "new beginning, new future".

Mr. Cao Zhiping, the president of the company, delivered a speech and warmly welcomed the representatives from Zizhu High-Tech Park and its partners who supported the site selection.  Ms. Ren Man, the Investment Promotion Director of Zizhu High-Tech Park, congratulated the company on behalf of Zizhu.

In the warm applause, President Cao Zhiping and Mr. Xia Guang, the executive vice general manager of Zizhu High-Tech Park, jointly launched the opening ball and dotted the dancing lion, bringing the opening ceremony atmosphere to a climax.

ST is one of the top ten semiconductor companies in the world, with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The company is famous for its most extensive product portfolio in the industry, especially in intelligent products and solutions such as smart driving, smart industry, smart home, smart city, etc. It has always been in the leading position in the world. With Shanghai headquarters as the core, ST has gradually realized the strategic deployment of the complete industrial chain in China, and the business in the Chinese market has become the most important part of the global business.