The Metro Line 15 to Zizhu High-Tech Park Put into Use
2021-01-23 928

The first subway of Metro Line 15 departed from Zizhu High-Tech Park to Gucun Park at 5:30 on the morning of January 23, 2021 (Saturday).  Early in the morning, many people entered the subway through Exit 5 / Exit 8 of Zizhu High-Tech Park Station to experience the long-awaited metro line.  

The employees of Zizhu High-Tech Park were also enthusiastic and gathered in Zizhu High-Tech Park Station to participate in the subway flash mob activity, with their faces full of happiness.  

Starting from Zizhu High-Tech Park and ending at Gucun Park, Metro  Line 15 passes 5 administrative areas such as Minhang, Xuhui, Changning, Putuo and Baoshan, connecting 9 universities and 3 national science and technology innovation parks, with a total length of nearly 43 kilometers. In the initial operation, a total of 29 stations have been opened, all of which are underground stations.  

The Zizhu High-Tech Park Station, with the theme of "Embracing All Rivers in the Sea - A Sense of Science and Technology", is located under the south Lianhua Road and straddles Dongchuan Road and Plaza Road.  Zizhu High-Tech Park Station, as the first stop from the south, is located in the High-Tech area. The design combines High-Tech elements to make it a station full of science and technology sense among cultural stations.  

Line 15 is the longest rail transit line in China with the highest level (UTO) automatic driverless driving.  The train uses an open cab. The passengers can experience the whole driving feeling through the front window of the first view. At the same time, the golden cabin is full of modern atmosphere with the smart wireless charging seat and USB charging interface set in the cabin. All these reflects the human design.  

After the opening of line 15, the normal operation time of the whole line is from 5:30 to 23:36.  The departure time at Zizhu High-Tech Park Station and Gucun Park station of the first subway is 5:30 and the last subway departure time is 22:30.  Line 15 has opened up the traffic artery of Zizhu High-Tech Park  to the north and laid a solid foundation for Zizhu High-Tech Park to accelerate the construction of an innovation-driven science city with complete functions, concentration of elements and integration of industry.