Zizhu High-Tech Park Ranks 11th Place in the National High-Tech Parks List
2021-02-05 947

The comprehensive ranking of Zizhu High-Tech Park has been rising year by year since it was included in the National High-Tech Parks Evaluation System of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2012. It made a bright new achievement this year.

Zizhu High-Tech Park jumped to the 11th place among the 169 national High-Tech Parks in China in 2020, achieving "8 consecutive jumps" in 9 years. The comprehensive ranking is evaluated based on the statistics and the development of the High-Tech Parks in 2019.

In the monomial index rankings of 2020 annual national High-Tech Parks evaluation results, the "knowledge creation and technological innovation ability" of Zizhu High-Tech Park ranks 14th place. The “industrial upgrading and structural optimization ability ranks 8th place. The "internationalization and the global competition ability" ranking rose to 7th place (22nd in 2019), the "sustainable development ability" roses to 4th place(11th in 2019). The evaluation guide shows that Zizhu has outstanding performance in the aspects of talent structure optimization, technological cooperation and trading, highly educated talents, international talent aggregation and technical service export.

Zizhu High-Tech Park takes investment promotion and capital introduction, project construction, industries incubation, business environment improving and platinum service as the main work line in recent years. The main economic indicators continue to maintain double-digit growth. It has developed into a new economic growth engine in Minhang and even in Shanghai. Zizhu High-Tech Park plays an important supporting role in Shanghai's economy and industry transformation. With the remarkable agglomeration effect of high-end industries, the improvement of the innovation ecology, the industry-university-research environment, the professional and complete platinum industry service system and the increasingly accessible transportation inside and outside the district, an innovation-driven science town with perfect function, elements agglomeration and industry-city integration is coming into being.

Luo Shanying, the Secretary of Zizhu Party Committee and vice general manager, said that Zizhu High-Tech Park will continue to be guided by new development concepts, seize the construction opportunity of Shanghai Global Science and Innovation Center to build Zizhu into an innovation-driven development demonstration park and a high-quality development pilot park. The work in incubation platform construction, leading technology enterprises incubation and helping High-Tech enterprises go global will be strengthened.  At the same time, Zizhu High-Tech Park will further optimize the business environment to reflect the concept of "ecology, humanity and technology" and continue the construction of the High-Tech park featuring industry-city integration. We will optimize the development strategy and measures during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period to create new advantages and achieve new leaps.