Netjoy+ Listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange! The First Listed Company in the Short Video Industry Born in Zizhu High-Tech Park
2020-12-17 675

Netjoy+ Technology Holding Co., Ltd (stock code: 2131.HK), headquartered in China (Shanghai) Network Audio-Visual Industry Base in Zizhu High-Tech Park, was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, making the company the first listed company in the short video industry.

Founded in 2012, Netjoy+ is a group enterprise based on big data technologies, mobile short video content production, distribution, commercial trade with big data management and large-scale data-driven short video production capacity. The business covers short video marketing, short video trade, video production and event marketing. It has become China's leading short video marketing solution provider and online content entertainment service providers.

Currently, Netjoy+ Technology is a partner of the top six short video platforms in China, including Douyin, Kuaishou, Xigua Video, Douyin Volcano Edition, Haokan Video and Tencent Micro-TV and has established cooperation with several leading content distribution platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Qutoutiao. The company is the third-largest online marketing solution provider in China in terms of total bills generated by short video ads, with a market share of 3.4%.

Zizhu High-Tech Park has always attached great importance to innovative enterprises and encouraged the development and growth of Internet new industries. Zizhu High-Tech Park has given great support and care to Netjoy+ Technology and provided quality services for the growth of the company. Its wholly-owned subsidiary Zizhu Seedlings Fund is one of the six cornerstone investors of Netjoy+ Technology. As Netjoy+ Technology is a key link in the construction of the ecological chain of the short video industry and a key enterprise for the network audio-visual industry in Zizhu High-Tech Park, Zizhu Seedlings Fund expressed its continued optimism for the development of the enterprise, and will further achieve a win-win situation with the enterprise.

Wu Bin, the Standing Commissioner of CPC Minhang District Committee and Deputy District Chief said in the speech that Netjoy+ is the first listed short video company in Minhang District. It is also the first listed company in short video industry. It has added new elements and new momentum to the industrial development in Minhang District. With the settlement of the leading online new enterprises including Himalayan, Bytedance, Junzheng Network, Work Together in Minhang District, the emerging field of the "circle of friends" of Minhang is getting bigger and stronger.

The listing of Netjoy+ Technology in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange marks the short video track officially fired the gun to start running. Chairman Xu Jiaqing of Netjoy+ Technology said that the company will take the listing as a new starting point and stick to innovation and development with the concept of "paving the way for enthusiasm". Based on big data technology and content production capacity, the company will keep growing through the research and application of AI technology, the products and services upgrading and content creation to achieve the win-win situation aomong customers, users, society and shareholders!