Intel Joins hands with China Unicom in Helping Beijing Winter Olympics with 5G Network Technology
2019-05-10 784

Intel and China Unicom signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation at 2019 China Unicom partner conference recently. The two sides will use 5G network technology in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics to bring unprecedented changes for the Olympic Games, create wonderful, extraordinary and excellent "wise winter Olympics".

 The strategic cooperation between Intel and China Unicom mainly includes two aspects: 5G network infrastructure technology and 5G application related technologies and solutions for smart venues. The two sides have completed a number of field trials, open source projects and technical verification, laying a technical foundation for cloud-network integration and meeting the requirements of the winter Olympics for high flexibility, high reliability and high performance of communication network. At the same time, the two sides will also conduct comprehensive cooperation in 5G core network technology, network edge computing, wireless access network technology, smart venue live broadcasting technology, smart venues and other potential 5G applications.

 "5G technology is one of Intel's core strategies for a data-centric intelligent connected world." we will join hands with our industrial partners in promoting the commercialization process of 5G,” said Wang Rui, the vice President of the Intel Marketing Group and the general manager of Intel China. “as the global TOP partner of the Olympics, Intel will help to apply 5G, artificial intelligence and VR technology in the Olympic Games and create a new way for the athletes, coaches, sports fans and audience to experience the sports event."