Professor Nakamura, the Nobel Prize Winner in Physics,Visits Zizhu National High-Tech Park
2019-03-22 702

The Nobel Prize winner in physics Nakamura, a member of the US National Academy of Engineering who is known as the "father" of blue-ray visited Zizhu Hi-tech Park on the morning of March 20, 2019 to learn the development Zizhu ET Space. Xia Guang, the vice managing director of Zizhu Hi-tech Park, and Ding Jiamin, the general manger of Zizhu Business Incubator, met with the delegation. Li Li, the director of Minhang Science and Technology Commission, Xu Ye, the assistant secretary of the Investment and Financing Institutions Branch of China Association for Non-public Medical Institutions, Lu Nan, board chairman of Shanghai Lade Fangsi Medical Technology Company, Hu Wei, Intel chief engineer and technical director and the chairman of Intel Shanghai Zizhu Innovation Committee and Professor Tang Min from Shanghai Jiaotong University accompanied the delegation.

 Xia Guang introduced the concept of "ecology, humanity, technology", the production-city integration and the layout of the strategic emerging industries at the exhibition center. Professor nakamura expressed his admiration for the great achievements Zizhu had made in gathering such leading companies as Intel, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, China Aviation etc and in building the innovation ecosystem with the whole industry chain.

 The "1+X" co-incubation with leading enterprises concept of Zizhu Business Incubator attracted professor nakamura's attention. After listening to general manager Ding Jiamin's explanation, professor nakamura highly approved the co-incubation model.

Executive vice general manager Xia Guang sincerely invited professor nakamura to be the honorary advisor of Zizhu Hi-tech Park the honorary tutor of Zizhu Business Incubator. He presented certificates and exquisite Chinese Suzhou embroidery to professor nakamura. Professor nakamura left his own hand membrane, a symbol of the giant hand of science and technology to promote the development of Zizhu science and innovation cause.

 In the following industry-university-research symposium on the theme of scientific and technological innovation, professor nakamura and the guests brainstormed together. He said that the reason for the rapid development of China's economy in recent years is that the younger generation of Chinese people is constantly trying to innovate in science and technology. Meanwhile, the rapid economic development and strong economic strength also provided strong support for China's scientific and technological innovation. He believed that the open and inclusive incubation concept and high-end industry platform support are important engines of scientific and technological innovation. The joint industry incubation concept of Zizhu ET Space and the case of cultivating many technological unicorns have been verified by history and are worth learning and promoting.

 Chairman Hu Wei introduced the R&D center in Zizhu Hi-tech Park with nearly 3000 engineers and strategic position in Asia, saying that the fertile soil of Zizhu and the joint incubation mode with Zizhu are of vital importance in attracting talents, promoting technology innovation and regional economic development.

 Finally, Director Li Li introduced Minhang District, saying that as a national Hi-tech park with abundant industrial resources, Zizhu has grown into a bright pearl in the Southern Innovation Center of Shanghai. The cooperation between Professor nakamura and Zizhu National Hi-tech Park will build a bright future for science and innovation in Minhang District.