Zizhu Venture Capital Company Wins the "Top Ten Incubation Cases" Award of Shanghai Technical Innovation Center for the 2nd Consecutive Year
2019-01-24 719

Zizhu Venture Capital Company won the "top ten incubation cases" award (Marvel Power) of Shanghai Technical Innovation Center for the 2nd consecutive year at the annual meeting of the first Stop of Shanghai Technical Innovation Center held on January 15, 2019.This is the 2nd award after it won the "top ten incubation cases" award (Deep Vision Information) in 2017. Set up by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and Shanghai Technical Innovation Center, the First Entrepreneurship Stop participates in guiding the international business and activities of the maker spaces in Shanghai.

 Marvel Power settled down in Zizhu Innovation Center in 2016 and its founders were Germany returnees. It is an international enterprise representative of with leading innovation ability, good business performance and outstanding team ability. With the careful incubation of Zizhu Venture Capital Company, Marvel Power won the first prize (entrepreneurship team) in the 2016 global well known university entrepreneurship competition. It won the champion in Shanghai 2017 youth entrepreneurship competition. The founder Lin Gang was invited to CCTV financial channel "entrepreneurial heroes" program. This shows the good outlook of the innovation enterprise in Zizhu Hi-tech Park. The company obtained the equity investment from Zizhu Rootstock Fund by virtue of its excellent technical ability and rapid growth potential.

 The winning of the "ten incubation cases" award for two consecutive years shows the recognition of the incubation mode and cultivation results of Zizhu Venture Capital Company. Zizhu Venture Capital Company will actively shoulder the internationalization work of the First Entrepreneurship Stop and cooperate with excellent international maker spaces to improve the international service ability of the team. Aiming at building itself into a gathering place for international projects, Zizhu Venture Capital Company will introduce and cultivate more excellent cases of international enterprises such as Deep Vision Information and Marvel Power to make long-term contributions to "Belt and Road" construction.