"The First Ecological Landmark in Minhang" ----Lanxiang Lake Water Derivation Ceremony Held
2020-06-30 206

The colorful flags fluttered at the site of the Lanxiang Lake project, and the completion and diversion ceremony of Lanxiang Lake was held on the morning of June 30, 2020. The banners with the words "Vibrant Zizhu Waterfront, Intelligent Minhang Riverside" and "Charming Lanxiang Lake, New Quality Life" showed the infinite scenery of "the first lake in Minhang and the new ecological landmark".

Lin Zhongqin, the president of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Mei Bing, the Party Secretary of East China Normal University, Wang Xiangyang, the deputy governor of Minhang District, Shen Wen, the chairman and general manager of Zizhu High-Tech Park and other leaders attended the ceremony. The leaders from relevant commissions and administrations of Minhang District, streets and towns and the representatives from some enterprises in Zizhu High-Tech Park were also present.

Xia Guang, the executive vice general manager of Zizhu High-Tech Park, presided over the ceremony and delivered a welcome speech, expressing his gratitude to all the leaders, guests and entrepreneurs who have been paying attention to and supporting the development and construction of Zizhu High-Tech Park.

The Huangpu River water was piloted into Lanxiang Lake in the salute and music and in the witness of the guests.

Zizhu High-Tech Park has always adhered to the development concept of "Ecology, Humanity, Technology". In order to enrich the high-end quality open space along the riverside of Minhang and create a science town featuring ecological livability and industry, the construction of Lanxiang Lake was officially launched on September 3, 2018.

Located in the core area of Zizhu Purplebay and covering an area of 400,000 square meters, "key shaped" Lanxiang Lake extends one kilometer inward from the corner of Huangpu River, greatly expanding the extensiveness and openness of the ecological corridor along the first bend of Huangpu River, implying a key to open up the new urban lifestyle.

The surface area of Lanxiang Lake is nearly 370,000 square meters, and the total amount of earth excavated is about 1.5 million cubic meters. With green land area of 83000 square meters, more than ten landscape nodes on nearly 4 kilometers of coastline including business streets, trails, culture and art gallery, rowing club, parent-child hotel and sunshine garden, youth activity center embodies the organic combination of human and the nature, campus, community and High-Tech park.

Each theme section is integrated with distinctive landscape design elements, such as flower-stepped ramp, viewing platform, water footpath, stage, landscape stone sculpture and water-oriented post station. Rowing, canoeing, dragon boat, yacht and other water sports are also wonderful. Diversified functions meet various leisure and entertainment needs of children, the elderly, residents, R&D personnel, entrepreneurs and college students. This "key" will surely open a new healthy life of Zizhu High-Tech Park.

The whole project is scheduled to be completed by the end of September this year. After completion, Lanxiang Lake will become the first lake in Minhang District and an important ecological node on the first bay of Huangpu River, which will help Minhang build a public living room with distinctive riverside features.

Under the leadership of Minhang District Committee and government, and with the support of Shanghai Jiaotong University and East China Normal University, Zizhu High-Tech Park will continue to create an integrated ecosystem of industry and city and produce a brilliant report to Minhang and Shanghai in the future.