Xindong Company Listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange
2019-12-16 244

Registered and Headquartered in Zizhu Hi-tech Park, Xindong Company  (stock code: 2400) was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on the morning of December 12, 2019.The total market value is about HK$5 billion.

Since the company started business in 2011, Xindonghas operated more than 50 online games at home and abroad, among which the most famous games are Fairy Tales and Immortal Tales. Xindong set up Taptap game community in Zizhu Hi-tech Park in 2016. Now Taptap has become the most famous game download platform and game community in China. With a total number of registered users of about 165 million, Xindong Company makes outstanding contributions to the economic development of Zizhu Hi-tech Park.

China (Shanghai) Network Audio-visual Industry Base, where Xindong Company is registered, is the first national audio-visual industry base jointly built by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and Shanghai Municipal Government. It aims at building a cultural creativity industry chain with accumulative effect to nurture and support emerging cultural enterprises engaged in network video, film and television, animation, online games, technology research and development, information services and promote the extension and vertical integration of the industry chain.

Since the establishment of the company, Zizhu Hi-tech Park has taken the "platinum industry service" as its purpose and has been caring about the development of the enterprise. Zizhu has given different kinds of support in terms of business and tax to the company at its expanding stage, solving the difficulties to promote its development.

The listing of Xindong Company marks the birth of the first company listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Relying on its comprehensive advantages in industry, science and technology, education, talent and other aspects, Zizhu Hi-tec Park will continue to provide a strong guarantee for the development of enterprises and help more enterprises develop.