The Ground Breaking Ceremony of the New &RD Center of Friendess Electronics in the 2nd Phase of Zizh R&D Base Held
2019-09-06 205

Shanghai Friendess Electronics Technology Co., Ltd (stock code: 688188) held the land breaking ceremony of its new R&D center in Zizhu Hi-tech Park on the morning of September 4, 2019. This is the first project in the research and development base (phase 2) of Zizhu Hi-tech Park.

 Zhangh Wenqi, the head of Wujing Town and the secretary of CPC Wujing Town Committee, Xia Guang, the vice general manager of Zizhu Hi-tech Park, Luo Shanying, the party secretary and vice general manager of Zizhu Hi-tech Park, Tang Ye, the board chairman of Friendess Electronics, Lu Lu Lin and other founders of Friendess Electronics laid the foundation stone for the R&D center. 80 guests from Wujing Town, Zizhu Hi-tech Park, Friendess Electronics, China Construction Steel Structure and other related units attended the opening ceremony.

 With laser cutting control system as the main business, Friendess Electronics was founded in Zizhu Hi-tech Park in September 2007. After a steady development and continuous innovation, the company has kept fast growth in innovation ability, management data, honorary qualifications and market share, etc. it has grown from a startup by college students to a listed company.

 With a a total construction area of 32,200 square meters, the new research and development center project covers a total area of 13,500 square meters. It consists of four single buildings encompassing scientific research, production and office. The building will be the headquarters of the company after completion. The official start of the research and development center project marks that Friendess Electronics will develop very fast in their own office building. The building will carry the operation of several investment projects, providing a solid foundation for the future development of Friendess Electronics in the direction of high power, precision processing, industrial Internet and so on, and also contributing its strength to the development of China's automation industry.

 With a planned floor area of 1.22 million square meters, the second phase of the R&D base of Zizhu Hi-tech Park, where the new research and development center of Friendess Electronics is located, covers a land area of 1.67 million square meters. The second phase of the research and development base will play three roles: "the leader of scientific and technological innovation, the model of integration of industry and city and the aggregator of innovation elements". The base will attract more state-level and city-level enterprise technology centers and functional foreign-funded institutions, should the task of national cutting-edge science and technology innovation and promote the innovation and transformation of applied technologies. Supporting the services and urbanization transformation, the R&D base will become the core power source of the southern corridor of science and innovation so as to help Minhang District build a national demonstration zone for industry - city integration and a national demonstration zone for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.