Zizhu High-Tech Park Wins "2020 China Enterprise ESG Best Social Case Award"
2021-03-09 58

The "2020 Investment Summit" was successfully held in Shanghai on December 15-16, 2020. The selection result of "2020 China enterprise ESG Best Case" was announced at the Summit. Zizhu High-Tech Park won the "2020 China Enterprise ESG Best Social Case" owing to its excellent performance in CSR field. The standing vice President of Zizhu Chamber of Commerce Qiang Guoyong accepted the award.

Under the guidance of Shanghai Press Group and co-hosted by Cailian Press, SynTao and Lyon Business School, the selection invited industry leaders, experts, scholars and senior media professionals as the judges to select outstanding enterprises in ESG with the principle of openness, fairness, and professional transparence. ESG is the abbreviation of Environmental, Social and Governance. It is an investment concept and enterprise evaluation standard that focuses on the performance of corporate environment, society and Governance.

The "2020 China enterprise ESG Best Case" said that, as the only High-Tech Park with private enterprises as the main operating body in China, Zizhu High-Tech Park has contributed a unique sample to the sustainable development of national High-Tech Parks. Zizhu High-Tech Park has always adhered to the development concept of "ecology, humanity and technology", which has attracted higher quality science and technology enterprises. The Case also shows the enterprise CSR alliance of Zizhu High-Tech Park established in 2016. The alliance carries out sustainable development exchanges, write sustainable development report and CSR work guidance through setting up management organizational structure with high executive force and high response to guide enterprises to fulfill social responsibility. The alliance has set up a high-quality social circle with temperature and feelings and built a community atmosphere with consciousness of social responsibility and sustainable development. This helps to achieve the goal of building a global model park of sustainable development!