Danke Apartments in Zizhu High-Tech Park Listed on the New York Stock Exchange with a Market Value of Over RMB 10 Billion
2020-01-20 223

Danke Apartment (NYSE:DNK), headquartered in Zizhu High-Tech Park, was successfully listed on the New York stock exchange. It is the first Chinese company listed on the New York stock exchange in 2020 and the largest listed company in long-lease apartment industry so far. According to the IPO price, the market value of Danke Apartment reached USD 2.74 billion or RMB 18.8 billion after the underwriters exercised the over allocation right, making it the first listed company with a market value of over RMB 10 billion in Zizhu High-Tech Park. It is the most valuable listed company in Zizhu High-Tech Park at present.

Founded in early 2015 and focusing on technology driven development, Danke Apartment is committed to providing high quality rental living for young people. Its products mainly cover distributed white-collar apartments and concentrated blue-collar apartments. As one of China's leading Internet long rental apartment brands, Danke Apartment adheres to the mission of "making life better" and provides solutions for landlords and tenants with an innovative "new lease" model. Danke Apartment have entered 13 markets nationwide, with 432,700 apartments in operation by November 30, 2019. Danke Apartment ranks first in terms of brand influence among all shared living platforms in China, according to a report by three industry authorities -- Meadin Institute, Cric and Ruihe think tank.

After five years of exploration, Danke Apartment was successfully listed on the New York stock exchange, which means that the housing rental industry ushered in a new chapter of development. Relying on data technology and Internet, Danke Apartment is profoundly transforming the housing rental market and playing a positive role in urban renewal, revitalizing the housing market, improving the utilization rate of housing resources, increasing the supply of lease house and improving tenants’ experience. It has also made great contributions to the economic development of Zizhu High-Tech Park.

After understanding the advantages of Zizhu High-Tech Park's system and mechanism, perfect innovation and entrepreneurship system, strong support for enterprises, good science and technology ecology and the "platinum" industrial service system, Danke Apartment set up its headquarter in Zizhu High-Tech Park. Zizhu High-Tech Park has been paying close attention to the growth and development of the company. Danke Apartment fully felt the high quality service of Zizhu in the critical time of listing on the New York stock exchange and expressed gratitude and recognition for the comprehensive cooperation and support provided by Zizhu High-Tech Park.

Zizhu High-Tech Park has attached great importance to the share structure reform and listing of enterprises in recent years, taking it as an effective way to support the high-quality economic development through strengthening the connection between government and enterprises and improving service efficiency. After the listing of Coo Tek on the New York stock exchange in 2018 and the listing of Ecmoho on Nasdaq in 2019, the listing of Danke Apartment at the beginning of 2020 will promote the high-quality development of Zizhu High-Tech Park and boost the confidence of more enterprises to enter the international capital market. Zizhu High-Tech Park will not forget the original intention and constantly optimize the listing ecology of enterprises, improve the long-term mechanism for the development of enterprises listing and help more enterprises reach a new height.