Zizhu Preludes the Construction of ECNU
2004-01-19 125

Ms. Yin Yicui, Vice Party Secretary of Shanghai; Mr. Yan Junqi, Vice Mayor of Shanghai; Mr. Shen Wen, Board Chairman of Zizhu. 

When completed, the total area of new ECNU campus will be more than 170,000 sq.m. Overlooking the campus, the whole shape is like a piece of leaf, which metaphor the campus is ecotypic, energetic, and growing. The new campus is planed to welcome 3,000 students next September. The total number of students will be 17,000 after the completion of the campus.

The structure feature of the new campus is “One Center and Two Axes”. “One Center” means core area with the Information Center as the main building. “Two Axes” are the center ecotypic axis running through the whole campus from the school gate at Dong Chuan Rd. to Information Center----this is the main axis; another one is a west-to-east sight axis extending from west gate at Lian Hua Rd.

All the existing water system will be integrated, and route of Cherry River, which runs through North to South, will be changed. In order to utilize the sight of the riverbank, several square platforms will be set up near by to build a harmonious atmosphere of nature and man-made sight.